Our Story

At AVIXONE Consulting, we are dedicated to providing exceptional financial services tailored to meet the unique needs of municipalities, other local governments, and nonprofit organizations ins Arizona. Founded by Aaron Vix, a Marine Corps veteran, our company embodies the values of integrity, excellence, and service instilled by his military background.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower our clients with comprehensive financial solutions that optimize efficiency, ensure compliance, and promote financial stability. We strive to be trusted partners, guiding our clients towards success in their financial management endeavours.

Our Impact:

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of the unique challenges facing municipalities, other local governments, and nonprofit organizations in Arizona, AVIXONE Consulting has made a significant impact on the market. We have helped numerous small local governments, municipalities, and various districts, in Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and Texas achieve financial stability, streamline operations, and achieve their strategic objectives. Our proven track record of success and our dedication to client satisfaction sets us apart as trusted leaders in educational finance consultancy.




Honor is that internal agreement with one’s values to act responsibly and to hold ourselves and others accountable for every action.



We all have fears, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. It’s what we do in the face of that fear. Courage is what carries us through that “extra mile” to get you to your goal.


Commitment is that determination that keeps us resolute to pursue that perfection when life presents us with those unavoidable challenges.



Aaron Vix

What Drives Me:

I am passionate about making other people’s lives better and easier. I love trying new things and finding opportunities to get out of my comfort zone to grow. Life is short, an ongoing adventure, and the journey should be enjoyed.

Background and Expertise:

With over 10 years of experience in financial consulting and auditing, and 4 years as a Marine Corps Infantryman, I am privileged to bring my knowledge, expertise, work ethic, and values to Avixone Consulting. Call me weird, but I hold a CPA designation and get excited about debits, credits, and automation.

Why Avixone:

I am proud to be part of the Avixone Consulting team because of our amazing team, the countless long lasting relationships we have with our clients, our commitment to excellence and the value we deliver. I enjoy working with like minded, and remarkable people who are dedicated to making the world a better place, one day at a time.

What I’m Like Outside of Work:

When I’m not with my beautiful wife and two boston terrier children, I am often enjoying the outdoors  climbing rocks and ice, skiing, and trail running with friends.